God has purposed everything that He created: from the highest mountain to the lowest valley; from the smallest inset to the largest mammal; from the smallest stream to the largest ocean, everything has a purpose. God has purposed Christ Deliverance Christian Center to feed the hungry (both physically and spiritually), to give refuge to the lost, to lift the down trodden, to heal the sick, and to teach the true Word of God.

Our Vision is that God will allow us to teach His Word to a sinful world. We see this ministry reaching the masses, whether they are located in a large metropolis or a small village in a foreign land.

We envision this ministry growing into one wherein divers of outreach ministries are born to meet the whole man and his needs. From the cradle to the elders, our arms are extended to help all through counseling (in-house and telephone), through preaching the Word of God (from the highways and byways), through the use of gifts of The Spirit (from laying on the hangs to Prophesying), and through all the Jesus gave us the authority to be.

This vision is not one of a large volume of words, but we work for the glory of God. We purpose ourselves to stay in the prefect will of God and to work as the Holy Spirit heads and guilds. We will never forget the foundation upon which this ministry us founded, TRUTH. Only through TRUTH can the captives be set free; only through TRUTH can the broken hearted be healed; and only through TRUTH can souls be saved. We will work the work of the One who sent us while it is yet day.

Christ Deliverance Christian Center, Incorporated moves with the flow of the Spirit of the Living God.